Faculté Jean Calvin Enrollment

Yannick Imbert , Prof. of Apologetics & Church History

Yannick Imbert, Prof. of Apologetics & Church History

Faculté Jean Calvin has 117 students enrolled for the 2016-2017 academic year, of which 57 are new students, 27 are Master's program students, and 38 are distance learning program students.

The new distance learning program, now without Biblical languages during the first four years (though still required for the degree), is resulting in higher enrollment than in previous years.

The vast majority of students come from evangelical circles, but the Faculté is beginning to interest students from the United Protestant Church of France, three of whom are now matriculating. (The United Protestant Church of France is the largest Protestant denomination in France, created in 2013 through the merger of the Reformed Church of France and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of France.)

Half the students are French. The other half come from Europe (Switzerland, England, Sweden, Romania), Africa, and Canada.

Four students are from North Africa.

The Faculté concluded an agreement with the Swiss Salvation Army, and now participates in the training of its officers through the two-year "Theology and Mission Diploma" program.

The Faculté also participates in training the youth group of a church in the southwest of France.