A Good Time To Remember Two Great Truths


November, 2016

Dear Friends,

             We are overwhelmed by current events. A new American President has been elected; Bob Dylan is a Nobel Prize laureate; Brexit is on slow-down; ISIS is still fighting; major earthquakes roil central Italy; Jakartans riot over the governor’s alleged blasphemy; 6500 refugees are evicted from Calais…

            It is good at this time to remember two great truths. First, the Lord is good. To be sure, he is utterly in control of all human affairs. But his people are allowed to suffer because of God’s good intentions toward them. This is a difficult truth. Our Huguenot ancestors knew it, not only intellectually, but in their experience. One of the forgotten preachers during the growing persecutions that led to the revocation of the Edict of Nantes is Jean Daillé (1594-1670). In his series on Hebrews, chapter 12, he constantly reminds his congregation in Paris of the privilege of running in a race, one that ends in glory, but that for the moment is not at all pleasant. Our comfort is in knowing that the race is ordained by God, who has only the best purposes for us.

The second is that there are many headlines more meaningful than these crises. They are in the spread of the Gospel worldwide. The Conseil National des Évangéliques de France (Le CNEF) announces church plants, publications, rallies, and outreaches of all kinds, including to the poor and to prisoners. To put it poignantly, of course we need to be aware of current events, but that must include, or even begin with, current events of eternal significance.

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                                                                       Very Truly Yours

                                                                       William Edgar, President

PS Save the date: Spring Soirée April 21, 2017, featuring Hert Kwakkel OT Prof