Bread-And-Butter Note

November 2015

Dear Friends,

     This letter will be something of a bread-and-butter note. Not without feeling... au contraire. It has occurred to several of us that many of our friends, despite their remarkable loyalty, are not well informed about some of the facts and figures that characterize our work. We are sure they would like to be.

     First and foremost, a few items about La Faculté Jean Calvin. The total number of full-time students is 120. They are enrolled at three levels, the equivalent of Master of Divinity, Master of Theology and PhD. They are called into pastoral ministry, missionary work, and other services. They come from some 15 countries, mostly French-speaking ones. They are serious, committed, and godly. Tuition is modest, but there are living expenses, books to buy, and travel costs. There are five fulltime professors and several adjuncts. Each professor costs over 50,000or nearly $60,000 (rates are good these days!). There are other expenses, such as staff, library, conferences, and so forth. Needless to say, or is it, our professors and our graduates are making a remarkable impact for the kingdom of God.

     The Huguenot Fellowship is one of three foreign organization which helps support the Seminary. We’ve been at it since the mid-1970s, and we have grown considerably since then. We receive an average of $65,000-$70,000 per year from our faithful donors (excluding a couple of in-and-out moneys, such as the Apologetics Position and the Clowney Scholarship). Currently the Boice Chair fund has about $750,000 (depending on markets), from which we are able to generate a modest income. This year we are down from last year, which was down from the year before. We pledge to send the Seminary $48,000 per year, for the support of the Professor of Practical Theology who occupies the Boice Chair. Our expenses include a part-time administrator, auditing fees, fund-raising events, the website, and some miscellaneous operating costs.

     Behind these numbers and between the lines, our amazing trustees and friends care deeply about the work in France. We are presently studying ways to improve our income, so we can improve our giving to the Seminary. During this season when everyone seems to be making appeals, it would be marvelous if you could remember the unique needs of the French-speaking world and the unique role of the Seminary in Aix. And thank you so very much.

Very Truly Yours,

William Edgar, President