Ronald Bergey

September 2014

Dear Friends,

     Now that the summer is over, schools and colleges go back to their tasks. The Seminary is Aix is no exception. However, just before the students return, a great celebration will be held on September 13th & 14th. Not only is it their 40th anniversary, but it also marks the completion of phase 1 of the Boice Chair. We know some of you are able to join us. And those who cannot will have us in their thoughts. Much cause to rejoice!

     We wish to continue with our faculty profiles, as promised. This time we feature Ronald Bergey, Professor of Old Testament and Biblical Hebrew. He is also the director of the Bachelor’s distance learning program. He has been full-time at Faculté Jean Calvin since 1992, having taught in a number of places before then.

     Ron is a scholar’s scholar. He earned his Master’s degree in Hebrew Language and Literature at the University of Jerusalem (1977), while also studying at Hebrew University (1978). He completed his PhD also in Hebrew studies, at the Dropsie College in Philadelphia, at the time arguably the foremost center for the study of Ancient Near-Eastern languages. His dissertation was on The Book of Esther’s Place in the Linguistic Milieu of Post-Exilic Biblical Prose (1983). Because certain critical scholars doubt the authenticity of Esther, a linguistic study is most helpful as a way to verify the time of its composition. Ron’s interest is not just in pure scholarship. He has been a church planter and a Seminary administrator. Most of all he is an excellent teacher and a first-rate writer. He has penned numerous articles, several commentaries, and has helped with various Bible translations, including the widely used Segond 21.

     Ron met his wife, Francine, in Jerusalem. She was born and raised in Paris, and went to Israel during the Yom Kippur War. There she heard the Gospel for the first time, and became a follower of Christ. Everyone loves Francine. She is down-to-earth and has a wonderful sense of humor. They have five children, who are living literally all over the world. Ron says this, of his vision for his own ministry: “That my teaching and writing will be a source of spiritual nourishment for the Church and an aide in its growth in France and the rest of the French-speaking world.”

Very Truly yours,

William Edgar, President