Rodrigo de Sousa

I am really excited at the prospect of teaching at the Faculté Jean Calvin as I share its historical Reformed vision and calling.  I too would love to see the Gospel spread throughout Europe and the world. The professors and students at the Faculté come from different nationalities and cultures and this gives it an international, multicultural character, a real reminder of the reality of the Universal Church.

Before I was ordained in the Presbyterian Church of Brazil I studied in Brazil (Federal University of Camina Grande), in the United States (Covenant Theological Seminary) and in England (University of Cambridge). Since 2009 I have been an assistant pastor in Sao Paulo while teaching Old Testament and other theological disciplines in Mackenzie Presbyterian University, one of the most prestigious universities in the country. I have also been doing some teaching at North-West University in South Africa since 2012.

I have had the opportunity to teach Theology in various countries : Malawi in Eastern Africa (for 6 months), in Europe (Austria, Germany, Finland and Ukraine) and in Argentina.

My wife Ana has a Master's in Theology from Covenant Theological Seminary (United States). She teaches Portuguese, writes and speaks on themes concerning the Christian life. We have two children, Gabriel (10) and Nicole (7).

The Sousa Famiily

The Sousa Famiily