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Dear friends,
ministry partners,

The semester is finally over!
It was a very busy one indeed, and at times quite stressful. With Erin's French class and my teaching load, some weeks were actually exhausting. But by God's grace and provision, we arrived at the end of our first semester in France! 

The semester ended with some intense faculty meetings. These are necessary in order to prepare for the next academic year and I am thankful for a very encouraging time with my colleagues. Now we are looking forward to a nice summer break. Not all of the summer will be a vacation, of course. But we hope to enjoy some rest before the new semester starts in early September.

We hope, and pray, that you will also find some time of rest during this summer! 


Thank you for all your support and prayers!

Yannick & Erin


Encouraged by graduating students

Every year, after the exams, comes the time when we see some of our students move on to a different seminary or start in the ministry. Such a time is always very encouraging to me. It is a living testimony of God's providence and grace.

First, to "send off" students (or to at least see them being called here or there) is a wonderful manifestation of God's faithfulness. He who said he would never leave us alone is indeed always present with and by our side. It is this triune God who encourages each of us in the path prepared for him or her. And we -- and I -- as professors and ministers are unique witnesses to this continuing faithfulness.

Second, it is also a blessing to see students being called to serve the Church. Whether as pastors or missionaries, whether in a ministry or in any other service of the Church, I am always encouraged to see, every year, students joining into the great service of this Body of which Christ is the head. Next year, some students will be in Belgium, others in Germany, Switzerland or France. Some will continue their theological training, others will be involved with Christian NGOs and others again will be involved in church-planting.

Third, it also serves as a great reminder that we are never alone in the ministry. And even if we sometimes feel isolated or discouraged, there are always many fellow laborers called into this great mission field.

Please rejoice with me in the future ministries and service of our students. Pray for the first months of their "new life"!

Prayer requests

  • Please pray for Yannick. With a tendency to work long hours, it can be challenging to find the time to rest. Even if he has to prepare for his Fall courses, a little rest would be useful!
  • Please pray for Erin's efforts to learn French. As you know, it is a continuous challenge!
  • Please pray for the seminary, in particular for our graduating students (and their future ministries) and for our incoming students. 
  • Once again I must ask for your prayers after a tragic event, the third time in 18 months. Please pray for the families of the many people affected by the attack in Nice. Please continue to pray that the Church in France might be an instrument of peace, wisdom, and compassion in these very troubled times. 

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