Jean-Pierre Civelli

The Faculté Jean Calvin had a different name in the 80s, when I was a student there. It was in Aix that I got my theological education, but there was more. With friends I made there we started a music group called Alliance, and we even made a record. 

The seminary gave me a theological foundation for my pastoral ministry. Today I am not exactly in the theological line of the Faculté, but I give the professors credit for having trained my mind to think and find my own theological stance.

 It might seem strange, but the fact that the Faculté has a clear theological stance allows for students to think and find their own way. Why ? Because the very convictions held by the professors make you want to establish your own convictions !

I am working in my denomination to strengthen the churches and give them an evangelistic vision. The foundation of my work is the teaching I received at Aix, the conviction that the Word of God is the only thing that remains constant in a world that is crumbling around us.

In our church there are 600 people in all (100 regulars at the first service, 300 at the second, plus many others expanding the numbers).

20% of my time is given to music with rehearsals and concerts.

Jean-Pierre Civelli

Pastor of the Free Evangelical Church in Valence

President of the Evangelism Committee