God On French Political Map

February 2017

Dear Friends,

      “God is back on French political map,” Sylvie Kauffmann, former editor in chief of the influential Le Monde, writes in a recent issue of the International New York Times. Her reference is to François Fillon, the former prime minister who is now running for president. He recently told the press, “I am a Gaullist, and furthermore I am a Christian.” His claim met with all kinds of opposition from various politicians, including some who are believers, since he appeared to transgress the ideal of laïcité, which prohibits any mixing of politics and religion.

      Michel Onfray, a leading philosopher and public intellectual, has just published an explosive book titled Décadence which claims that Judeo-Christianity is a thing of the past. Usually, Onfray tells us, theories of decline belong to the right. He cites the famous account by Oswald Spengler of the Decline of the West. As for himself, though left-leaning, he does not share the liberal optimism of leftists. He thinks our civilization is about to fall under its own weight. When asked about Francois Fillon he says he represents merely the last gasp of Christian hope. It’s all over. What’s left? He is not sure. For the moment, the only honest answer is nihilism.

      So, which is it? Fillon or Onfray? Well, it’s both! Certainly the Judeo- Christian worldview is losing its grip in France and elsewhere in Europe. At the same time, God has not yet successfully been dispatched. There is quite a remnant of Christian believers, and even significant resurgence. We are in a time of remarkable opportunity for the Gospel. Our Faculté Jean Calvin has a small but significant role in spreading the Word of God. It is training its men and women to be like the children of Issachar, to understand the times and tell the church what is the best course to take (1 Chronicles 12:32).

      We are so grateful for your prayers and support of this remarkable effort. If you have not yet signed-up to receive electronic updates from our web site, please feel free to do so (note: these occasional bulletins do not replace the quarterly newsletters, which will continue to be sent to you via the post). May we truly see God not only on the political map, but in the hearts of the French people!

Very Truly Yours

William Edgar, President