New Way to Contribute

There’s a new way to make financial contributions to The Huguenot Fellowship. Amazon is willing to make a contribution on your behalf whenever you shop using AmazonSmile. There is no extra cost to you. The amount they contribute is 0.5% of the purchase price on the items your order.

To get started go to, and follow the instructions below.

On the right side of the page, see the area: Select a charity. Another charity will be suggested, but you want to type ‘The Huguenot Fellowship’ in the box below the phrase: Or pick your own charitable organization, then click on the Search button. (‘The’ must be included, not just ‘Huguenot Fellowship’.) This will bring up a new page that shows The Huguenot Fellowship. Click on the yellow Select button next to ‘Glenside PA’. Thankfully, one only needs to perform this selection process once!

This is very important. Contributions are only made when shopping at, and not at So, please delete any links or shortcuts you may have to and replace with There’s no learning curve as both sites have the same look, features, and items for sale.

Your motivation for participating and Amazon’s motivation for contributing are likely as different as serving God versus serving mammon, of which, one cannot serve both. (Matthew 6:24) Let’s keep serving the Lord, and let Amazon answer for its own!