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Did you know that Faculté Jean Calvin students are serving in 20 countries? I learned this from the FJC seminary’s new website. Click to explore. The website is in French only, but the following is translated from the webpage that presents FJC’s distinctives.

To share your faith

A unique program in France to learn to share and explain your faith. The Faculté is the only one to offer a complete teaching of apologetics to help present and defend the Christian faith. This is done in word and deed through the work of the Holy Spirit. The Faculté's apologetics program provides tools for witnessing and spreading the gospel in contemporary culture and society.

A Calvinist institution

A living theology that reveals the sovereign grace of God. The theology of the Faculté emphasizes the grace given by God, the salvation manifested in Jesus Christ, and the transforming work of the Holy Spirit. The purpose of the Calvinist teaching of the Faculté is to study Scripture with seriousness and respect, to encourage Christians to proclaim the grace of God, and to support the growth of the Church of Jesus Christ.

Studying from a distance

30 Years of Experience

Experience in the application of distance learning. Same content as the diplomas pursued on the Aix-en-Provence campus. A teacher is specially assigned to follow up with distant learning students.

Constant Adaptation

To train while pursuing one’s ministry or professional commitment. The Faculty Jean Calvin takes into account the situations of each and adapts to facilitate the studies.

In Training, both Matriculated and À La Carte

Choice of free courses, audited courses, credit for courses by examination. Building a custom program is possible.

What's New at Faculté Jean Calvin


Yannick IMBERT, Professor of Apologetics (and History), President of Kerygma Editions, has been appointed Dean.

Pierre-Sovann CHAUNY, professor of Dogma has been named in charge of the 1st Level.

Rodrigo DE SOUSA, professor of Old Testament and Hebrew has been named in charge of the 2nd and 3rd Levels.

Jean-Philippe BRU is still professor of Practical Theology, Head of Internships and President of the Reformed Journal.

Michel JOHNER, professor of Ethics and History, is on a sabbatical for research during the 1st semester.

Donald COBB, teacher of New Testament and Greek, is on a mission to the USA during the 1st semester.

A Challenge to Take Up Together

Pierre Berthoud President of Faculté Jean Calvin and Professor Emeritus

Pierre Berthoud
President of Faculté Jean Calvin and Professor Emeritus

Dear friends,

As you know, the Faculté Jean Calvin (FJC) has been able to accomplish its ministry of training for almost 45 years thanks to the faithfulness, prayer, and support of its friends in France and abroad. We are very grateful, especially as this ministry is an expression of the universal Church, both in the composition of its professors and in the origins of those who share the same vision, the same call, and the same spiritual battle. This solidarity, which transcends human borders, is very precious to us because, while testifying to the vitality of the Reformed and evangelical family, it is a sign of the unity of the Church of Jesus Christ.

With the arrival of Rodrigo De Sousa and Pierre-Sovann Chauny in the autumn of 2016, a new generation of seven on-site teachers is now at work. This successful transition is very pleasing, especially as the theological, spiritual, and practical teaching of the new team is both appreciated by the students and also contributes significantly to the influence of FJC, especially within the churches. But this increase in faculty, as you can imagine, has had an impact on our budget, since now the support of six professors is at the expense of FJC. Only Donald Cobb is a missionary-professor. We have taken up and fully assume this challenge, because we are convinced that the presence of these two new faculty members has strengthened our ministry in France, in French-speaking countries, and even beyond.

However, to sustain this important and vital budget item, which represents the salaries of all the staff, we need to "enlarge the space of our tent ..., lengthen our ropes and strengthen our stakes." (Isa. 54:2) In other words, we invite you to think with us about how to expand the network of our partners and friends, especially in France. How to renew the interest of pastors, churches and their members for the ministry of FJC? How can FJC be more available and offer services more adapted to the needs of local communities? How to renew and extend enthusiasm and mutual commitment? As the wise man put it, "a great number of counsellors gives the victory." (Prov. 11:14)

As summer approaches, FJC’s cash flow is usually stretched. This year is no exception to the rule! Our 2019 budget is subdivided into twelve monthly installments of approximately 50,000 euros. However, our concern is tempered by the faithfulness of the Lord and the commitment of our friends who allow us to see the future with confidence. It is with confidence that we repeat these words of the Psalmist: "Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion: which cannot be moved, but abides forever. As the mountains surround Jerusalem, so the Lord surrounds his people, from this time forth and forevermore.(Ps. 125:1,2) May together we seize this beautiful promise of the Lord, listen to his call, and respond to it with discernment given by the Spirit. This is our prayer.

It is in the beautiful name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, that we warmly greet you,

Pierre Berthoud
Professor Emeritus

(Translated from the original letter in French.)

Reformed Theology in France


In 2011, Reformed Forum podcast hosts Camden Bucey, Jeff Waddington, and Jim Cassidy interviewed Yannick Imbert, Prof. of Apologetics & Church History, and Kim Tran, Directeur of the Faculté Jean Calvin seminary in Aix-en-Provence, France. Barbara Edgar provided translation.

Although now several years old, this audio interview remains very informative and relevant for those interested in the history and current state of Reformed theology in France.. The discussion spans the Reformation to philosophers such as Jacques Derrida and Michel Foucault. Click here.

Rentrée 2018

——— Start of the School Year 2018 ———

——— Start of the School Year 2018 ———

invites you again this year to the heart of what matters.

Thank you for staying vigilant with us
in prayer, in testimony and in action,
defending the sovereignty of the Gospel of Jesus Christ
in everything we will experience together
during this new year!

Pray with us
for each new student
who will start their training course in Aix,
and for those who will finish it.