Our Renewed Website

                                                                             May 2016  

Dear Friends,

            They say the only thing worse than no website is a lifeless website. Confession is good for the soul: our Huguenot Fellowship website has been moribund for some five or six years. This simply means we have not been meticulously keeping it current. Ironically, the organization itself has been abundantly active.

            But that has just changed. Thanks to some diligent board members and thanks to a very talented web designer, David Moore, we now have a renewed website. Try it out: http://www.huguenotfellowship.org/. You will be very pleased.

            The title page is simple, “Supporting the Reformation Heritage in the French-Speaking World.” As you scroll down you will learn the meaning of the word Huguenot. You won’t get very far, though, before you discover the heart of our work, which is unchanged: we exist to help with the work of the Reformed Seminary in Aix-en-Provence. If you click on “programs” you will see the “Faculté Jean Calvin,” with several features presenting its history and its work. You will also see updates on our James Montgomery Chair of Practical Theology. And also a cameo on the Institut Farel in Montreal.

            Our site features a number of important elements, including history, a blog for current events, the Huguenot Fellowship newsletters, occasions such as soirées, and (of course!) how to donate. If you’re an old codger like me, you still like to send checks through snail-mail. Did you know, though, that most people under 40 don’t use checks (or chèques)? They do everything on-line. So we want to accommodate both the young and the less young.

            The site is interactive. You can send your ideas to us. We can respond to you. But please know that we still plan to send you the newsletters by regular mail, envelopes with stamps, and very few pictures, bells or whistles. This website is a work in progress. Do let us know your thoughts. How can we improve? We sincerely hope that we are offering something old and something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe!

                                                Very Truly Yours,

                                                William Edgar