Gill Daudé

What you get from early education stays with you for life.

At the Faculté in Aix I learned to love Scripture, the Church Fathers and Calvin, to be open to dialogue with people from other faiths and to appreciate the great wealth of Protestant hymnology.

First in Africa then in Montpellier I added to this foundation an appreciation of Luther and some modern theology, missions and dialogue with other faiths.

As a pastor I fully appreciate what all this means to me: first I was able to grasp the wonder of grace and the weakness of our « poor Church », with no illusions about human nature.

In the Fédération Protestante, where I met Séverine, who had also been a student at Aix, I gained wider experience of the complementarity between spirituality and gifts in the church.

Today, caring for a local Church in its everyday life, this inheritance means I can stay rooted in the unconditional love of God in Christ for us all, preaching salvation to a world!


(Student at the Faculté at Aix from 1979 to 1983)