Christiane Conand

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I was born in 1964 in Strasbourg to a Christian family, member of the Reformed Protestant Church of Westhoffen (Bas-Rhin). I’ve lived in the South of France since 1987. I’m married, have two children, and a 2-year-old grandson, Matteo. Since September 1994, I’ve been the Principal Controller of Public Finance for Aix-en-Provence. Since 2002, I’ve been a member of the Evangelical Reformed Church of Lambesc (Secretary of the Council 2006-2014, and Treasurer since 2015.)

I first learned of the Faculté Jean Calvin (FJC) thanks to Annie Bergèse who asked me to assist her at a conference. I did not imagine then that she would be the reason I would become so involved. In 2012, I discovered the extent of the outreach of the FJC as a member of the delegation from the National Union of Independent Reformed Evangelical Churches of France to the FJC Council.

With concern for the Word of God, and the commitment that this requires, I have recently accepted the responsibility of Treasurer of the FJC. I’m relying on the grace of God to help me best accomplish this responsibility.