Oral Hatava

After many years pastoring Churches in France as an ordained Assemblies of God pastor, I had the desire to pursue theological studies and especially Reformed theology. The Faculté Jean Calvin became the logical choice, because no other faculty had a similar master’s program for pastors in service, and the possibility to study via Internet. But most important was the clear conservative Bible-based and Christ-oriented teaching. After all these years it’s as if I had found my way home in Reformed theology, thanks to the Faculté Jean Calvin.

The quality of the scholars’ teaching and their surprisingly simple faith has also been very encouraging. The professors show by their teaching and lives that it’s possible to have the highest academic standards combined with a strong commitment to the Bible as the true word of God.

In this environment my theological thinking has been challenged and the studies have given me a clearer theological structure. But even more important, the time at the Faculté Jean Calvin has made me grow in faith and in the knowledge of Christ.

The Faculté Jean Calvin is the most excellent means, even for seasoned ministers, to be renewed in their love for the word of God and to be challenged to pursue the ministry anew.

I would recommend every French-speaking pastor who would like to set aside time for Biblical studies to seriously consider the Faculté Jean Calvin.

Oral Hatava

Master 2