Huguenot Fellowship Soirée

Rodrigo De Sousa, Prof of Hebrew & O.T., Faculté Jean Calvin

Rodrigo De Sousa, Prof of Hebrew & O.T., Faculté Jean Calvin


The Huguenot Fellowship (THF) recently held a Soirée at Westminster Theological Seminary near Philadelphia. This memorable evening included good food, great fellowship, engaging guest speakers, and special music. THF President Bill Edgar was master of ceremonies.

Prof. Rodrigo De Sousa came from Aix-en-Provence, France to share news of Faculté Jean Calvin (FJC), including his personal experience as a relatively new member of the teaching staff. We were reminded of FJC’s unique position in the French-speaking world as the Reformed and Evangelical seminary, which offers both undergraduate and graduate degree programs: training pastors, missionaries, and lay Christians to serve the Lord in the 250 million French-speaking world. FJC is truly blessed to have such talented and dedicated teachers as Dr De Sousa.

Dr Yannick Imbert, Prof of Apologetics & Church History, gave a talk on the history of FJC last summer at the seminary. A video was shown at the Soirée, and can be viewed by clicking on the link below, then click the play icon on the image. (Too large to download!)

History of FJC Video

Rev Paul Wolfe, Vice President of THF, delivered concluding remarks; thanking those who attended, and emphasizing the blessing and privilege it is to support THF with our prayers and gifts.

Please consider supporting The Huguenot Fellowship in its mission of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the work of the Faculté Jean Calvin. Thank you so much to you who faithfully do already!