Virginie Maurer

I am Virginie Maurer, and I am 19 years old. I study in the second year of theology at Faculté Jean Calvin. I will be going four years to prepare to serve the Lord.  All last year, with the classes, the internship and my commitments in the Church, I discerned that I will serve the Lord working as a librarian or a translator. I want to continue my studies with a master’s degree in research, and then I will have to choose. But, in listening to the Lord, I trust that I will find my way and do my best to follow God’s will. 
    Life at Faculté Jean Calvin is rich in education and experience. We are free to share our faith, and together discuss God and His Word (even if we sometimes disagree).  
    My commitments in the Church give me great joy, in particular, visits to older persons with whom I read the Bible and pray, and for whom I play music. I praise the Lord for every day he gives, and for guiding me until now. It is the desire of my heart to lean more on Him, to know Him better, and to better serve Him.