Donald Cobb

September 2015

Dear Friends,

     Our next faculty profile is Donald Cobb, Professor of New Testament and the Greek language at Jean Calvin. Donald is a true New Englander, born in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

     After working five years as a printer, he decided to train in theology at Aix-en- Provence, where he received the Masters degree. He married Claire-Lise Favre, a clock- maker’s daughter from Switzerland. He taught for a while at the Emmaüs Bible School in Saint-Légier, Switzerland. The Cobbs then became church planters with Mission to the World, the missions agency of the Presbyterian Church in America. They served in Turkey from 1998 to 2001, mostly training pastors and elders in a Turkish Presbyterian church, but also helping with some church-planting there. Their support still comes from MTW.

     After a stint in Bordeaux, Donald was called to teach at the Faculté Jean Calvin in 2004, where he has been ever since. In addition to biblical subjects, he helps teach for the practical theology department with a course on church planting. He has published widely, mostly in New Testament studies, but also on such subjects as the covenant, baptism, and John Calvin’s exegetical method. One article I have particularly appreciated is on the concept of truth in John’s Gospel. There he shows how the truth is intimately tied to God’s character. At the same time it should condition our lives and our ethics. Donald’s most notable recent achievement is the doctor’s degree, earned at the prestigious Faculté de Théologie Catholique de Lyon, on Paul’s approach to the covenant in Galatians.

     The Cobbs have two children, Dimitri (21) and Lucas (15). The family is quite musical and enjoys a variety of styles including jazz and blues. Donald helps out at a local Reformed church in Berre-L’Étang. His teaching is much esteemed, and he has become and indispensible part of the Jean Calvin community. Please remember the Cobbs in your prayers.

Very Truly Yours,

William Edgar, President