Aguy Khayiguian

A word to those who are wondering whether they have a vocation for ministry...

On my first vsit to the Faculté I was struck by a certain look in the eyes of the students I saw. I soon realised that this was because they felt called to serve God. As the academic assistant, dealing with student recruitment, I would be on the front line, dealing with new candidates who come with a desire to serve but who also have their strengths and weaknesses.

 It was bewildering to discover a world so totally different from the professional world I had worked in up to that point. Little account is given to principles that apply elsewhere and success is not measured in terms of personal ambition. The desire to work together in harmony is so evident that it belies the underlying rigour. Taking the time to do things well is not sacrificed to speed and reactivity.

Three years into the job I have got so used to the Faculté that I can’t tell whether things have changed or whether it’s my way of seeing things that’s changed.  

The students (40 new ones in 2016/2015) are of various ethnic backgrounds and come from several different churches. They are all headed in the same direction and give us great encouragement for the future of the church. Could there be a more privileged job than witnessing the grace of God in action ?