Pierre-Sovann Chauny

Pierre-Sovann Chauny, Professor of Systematic Theology

Born in Paris in 1983.

In coming to teach Christian Dogmatics (i.e. the doctrines taught in the Bible) at the Faculté Jean Calvin, I fully identify with its clear vision of teaching Reformed Theology in faithfulness and obedience to the God-given Word. I deeply appreciate the Reformed approach which gives due credit to the theological input of John Calvin and all his spiritual and theological heirs over the last five centuries, right down to Paul Wells!

In 2007 I graduated from the Haute École de Commerce in Paris (HEC) and have now almost completed my doctoral work at the Free University of Amsterdam. Understanding the Word of God and helping others to understand it are at the heart of my Christian commitment.

Studying the Bible, analyzing and comparing its texts, meditating on it and seeking to draw out the meaning and establish what we should believe, how we should live and how we should communicate the gospel to the world: this is how I would like to use my gifts for the edification of the church. Reformed Theology has brought me so much personally that I want to pass it on through my teaching to foster a deeper and greater understanding of what God says to us in his Word.

I have been married to Audrey for 8 years and she is a great support to me in carrying this project through, as in all areas of our life. Our son Augustin will soon be 2, and in May he will have a little sister.