While Europe Slept

"Europe cannot remember who she is unless she remembers that she is the child not only of the ancient Greek and Roman worlds and the Enlightenment but also of Judaism and Christianity—the child, therefore, of Catholicism and the Reformation. If Europe abandons her religious heritage, the idea of Europe dies. And Europe has abandoned, or forgotten, her religious heritage. Europe is now “post-Christian.” What does this mean? What does it portend?" ~ Jean Bethke Elshtain, the late American ethicist and political philosopher

Although Elshtain "...speak(s) here not of faith but of sustaining cultural memory...", her 2009 essay While Europe Slept is a thoughtful analysis of Europe's floundering self-identify and cultural malaise.

The Faculté Jean Calvin (Aix-en-Provence, France) is one of a few points of light in Europe that not only help to retain its fading memory of the Reformation; but most importantly, trains and prepares those who minister in calling Europe back to the Faith of the Reformation.

The Huguenot Fellowship's primary mission is to support the Faculté in order to keep its light shining brightly in the spiritual twilight of France. 

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